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Our vision for the Permaculture app. is to bring together the best resources on sustainable living through the permaculture approach.

We want people around the world to share their experiences of applying the permaculture approach.

Permaculture is a systems design approach for sustainable living and community development, growing great food and living environments.

We would love to hear from you to help make the Permaculture app even better!

 Dylan and Lizzy Smith are the proud owners of the Permaculture app. 
Lizzy is the managing director and principal consultant at WorkSmith.
Lizzy holds a permaculture design certificate amongst other qualifications. 
Dylan is the technical development manager for our products. Owning this app allows us to share with the world the benefits of living with a permaculture approach and all the great people involved.

We live on a north facing acre in a dry temperate climate near Canberra, Australia.  We are creating an urban permaculture lifestyle.

The Permaculture app is a business product of WorkSmith.  

WorkSmith is an Australian business with the broad agenda of creating healthy, safe and sustainable businesses. Lizzy is available for consultancies to help you and your business be around for a long time. 

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